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Holiday Rental, Reservation & Debtors Management Software


This Debtors Management Web Application manages customer accounts and debtors data, including integration with NetCash to manage debit orders. The system also manages reservations and reports on customer data.

Key Points

  • The system database is web-based and can be accessed by any computer in the office without the need to install software.
  • Users have different levels of access depending on their role within the organisation.
  • The system includes NetCash integration, uploading debit orders and importing the results of the debits orders, for up-to-date debtors data.
  • Client statements and reports on deals sold are up to date and easily accessible.


The holiday rental company offers its members an easy and affordable way of going on holiday. Members pay yearly and monthly fees and can then make reservations for resorts and other holiday destinations.


After analysing the requirement DataSwift proposed to develop a web application including an online database suited to the business' needs at an affordable rate. The web application integrates seamlessly with NetCash and has the potential to grow and change with the business.

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