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Recruitment Software


Recruitment database software for the management of candidate and employer data and reporting on placements. The system can be fully customised for each of our client's needs.

Key Points

  • A single database system can be installed on a local network or hosted on the Internet and used by all branches.
  • Users have different levels of access depending on their branch and level within the organisation.
  • The system is easy to use, with extensive validation, as users sometimes do not have a lot of experience with computer systems.
  • There are comprehensive and searchable lists of candidates.
  • Contains Job Enquiry lists that enable users to easily see which job enquiries are in progress, and when they are due to be completed.
  • Comprehensive reporting is available on the amount of candidates registered and placed.
  • The system can be fully customised for each of our client's needs, which also makes it more affordable.


"From the first meeting with Minette she 'got' the essence of what we do and what we needed in a database. She was able to create a multi-layered structure which works – what a blessing! Dataswift continues to be available and willing to support, 'hold our hands' and guide us as we grow and develop further. We are truly grateful for the efficient, professional, friendly, intelligent,
ongoing support and service." - Trilby Krepelka, DreamWorker

Actual Project Example

DreamWorker is a non profit organisation who have made it their mission to lower unemployment in South Africa. DreamWorker acts as a facilitator for placing suitable unemployed workers with employers.


DreamWorker's processes were well defined and documented. Candidate and employer records were paper based. Finding appropriate employees for jobs was a cumbersome process involving the management of Excel spreadsheets and the typing of profiles for each candidate. Keeping track of which jobs were currently being processed was difficult. Reporting on the amount of candidates who obtained work through Dreamworker is essential for funding, but these reports were time consuming to compile. DreamWorker were about to open branches in other areas and aggregating and managing the data for these branches was problematic.


Dataswift supplied recruitment software in the form of a web application for the management of candidate, employee and job enquiry data. All branches are able to access the information required. Candidate profiles and various reports are generated in seconds saving enormous amounts of time and freeing up employees to do what they are passionate about, finding work for the unemployed.

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