Publishing and CRM Software

Publishing and CRM Software


An integrated CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) which enables publishers to track customers, leads and sales of advertising space. Adverts are tracked as they move through design to placement.

Key Points

  • The system and database are web-based and can be accessed by any computer in the office without the need to install software.
  • Users have different levels of access depending on their role within the organisation.
  • The system manages Accounts, Leads and Activities but extends basic CRM functionality by also managing advertisements that are placed in a publication.
  • The system has integrated Email functionality.


Like many businesses, processes and information were managed in Excel, on paper and by email. Sales personnel could work from home, making it difficult for managers to monitor their activities. In addition to this the business needed a way to communicate with contacts regarding events and competitions they were hosting.


The system we developed provides a central point where all information can be accessed. Leads can be moved through the entire sales process, and all employees contacts can be accessed by management. Parts of the system are exposed on the company's website and their contacts can enter competitions and RSPV to events.

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