Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing Software


For this project, database driven manufacturing software stored a history of complex tile recipes and managed customer orders and dispatching.

Key Points

  • Database Software was installed on a server on the factory Intranet and can be accessed by any computer on the network without the need to install any extra software.
  • Historically linked data is easily accessible
  • Orders and time spent by employees are managed. Orders that take too long are highlighted.


This factory manufactures a unique range of listelli, dados, stepedging and mosaic tiles. They provide a range of "made to order" décor tiles to suit individual requirements.


The personalised approach taken by the factory resulted in a lot of paperwork. The 'recipe' for each batch of tiles ordered was written down and filed. As recurring orders required slight changes to these recipes, the paper work became unmanageable and complex.


DataSwift developed custom software that keeps track of all colour recipes, and how these change over time. In addition to this, orders, time lines and dispatches are managed by the system. The system eliminated the cumbersome paper trail and highlighted orders that were falling behind schedule. The complex history of tile and colour changes can be accessed at a glance with the click of a mouse button. The solution copied the business knowledge from the owner's mind and put it into the business itself, adding value to the business and freeing up time and resources so the business could grow.

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