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The Waterman - CRM Software


Delivery management system manages the delivery lists that are given to drivers every day. Prepaid deliveries are managed through integration with Pastel to pick up payments. The integrated CRM part of the system manages Customers, Leads, Quotes and reports on sales made by sales personnel.

Key Points

  • One system and database is hosted in the office on an Intranet, and accessed by all employees
  • Users have different levels of access depending on their role and level within the organisation.
  • The system manages Customers, Leads and Quotes but extends basic CRM functionality by also managing Delivery lists and Prepaid balances.
  • Reporting is available on the Leads and Activities of sales personnel.
  • The system has integrated Email and SMS functionality.
  • The system integrates with Pastel to pick up Prepaid payments made by customers.
  • This product has evolved and changed as the business evolved.


The Waterman manufactures and delivers purified water to customers. Various products can be rented or bought by customers and bottles of water are exchanged by delivery vehicles.


The Waterman were using Excel sheets to manage daily delivery lists. This was not always effective as daily changes were difficult to manage. Sales personnel had to update and manage their sales manually Pastel unable to handle prepaid requirements.


DataSwift supplied a custom web application for the management of customer accounts and the daily printing out of delivery lists. The CRM system not only manages leads quotes and sales activities, but customers can be contacted easily through integrated email and SMS services. The system integrates with Pastel Accounting Software to manage prepaid customers. These customers are automatically notified by SMS if their balances are low.

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